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There is a Home Car efor Patients Program in the Department of Health Care Services.


Purpose of the Program

To improve the patient's quality of life, to recognize the characteristics of the patient, to be able to daily care, to make physiotherapy and occupational therapy, to arrange the patient room, to make the exercises inside and outside the bed, to comfort the patient, to remove the patient from the bed, to be able to give medicine to the patient, to care in special diseases, to be able to apply first aid, to train educated health care staff who can do home care.

Mission of the Program

Present and future needs of the health sector in the field of health, knowledge, skills, and have the equipment, working in harmony within the team, people, and respect the rights of patients, to the principles of Atatürk, to protect and defend the values of our country to educate home patient care technicians.

Vision of the Program

Training of health technicians, production and use of knowledge and skills in the health care industry preferred the quality of education and training, and sustaining national and international level, acting as a pioneer in the field of education, training and research institution.


A cooperation protocol was signed between the T.C. Ministry of Family and Social Policies and the Council of Higher Education on 03.06.2011 regarding the Home Patient Care area. This protocol further contributed to the continuity of the student resource by further increasing the importance of the department. All around the world and in Türkey the  need for care and health services  had increased; as a result, our department was opened in 2015. In 2015-2016 academic year, education programmes started.

Graduates of the program receive the title

Graduates of the program are expected to take the title home patient care technician.

Places where the students who will graduate from the program can be employed

Graduates of the program;

• Ministry of Family and Social Policies

• Ministry of Health

• Directorate of Civil Defense Search and Rescue,

• State Hospitals


• Directorate of Hospice Organization,

• Municipalities,

• Universities,


• Hospital, private care centers, nursing home, clinics etc. organizations are. In addition, special services can be provided.


Conditions Required to graduate from the program

According to Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University Associate and Bachelor's Degree Education and Examination Regulations, the student must be considered successful.

The duration of education is 2 years (4 semesters). The optional Foreign Language (English) preparatory class is not included in these periods. Students are required to complete a 2-year program in 4 years (8 semesters). Students are required to complete at least 120 ECTS credits in order to graduate from the home care program.


Areas where they can continue with vertical transition;

• Gerontology

• Nutrition and Dietetics

• Physical therapy and rehabilitation

• Nursing

• Nursing and Health Services