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Purpose of the Program:

The aim of this course is to provide qualified, equipped and knowledgeable intermediate staff in social service practices carried out in our country. Thus, the social work practices carried out in our country will reduce the workload of the professional staff and ensure that the professional work is carried out more effectively and efficiently. The program enables graduates to take part in the solution of the problems of individual, family and society and the inequalities in opportunities in today's societies and in the activities carried out in order to eliminate the income distribution injustices.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will have the ability to integrate behavioral sciences, social work methods and techniques, intervention methods and field practices within the framework of their professional responsibilities.


Goals of the Program:

Students enrolled in the social work program;


• continuously observing the social work ethic and values ​​in all social work practices,


• Protector and advocate of population groups who have been subjected to oppression and exploitation and who have been excluded, labeled, or have survived on their own for various reasons,


• Develop a flexible approach to the problems encountered and produce creative solutions,


•are aware that there is a great responsibility in the provision, protection and development of social justice,


• critically look at the events and facts he / she deals with,


• Knowing that social work practices are indispensable in social work practices and that social work practices have a human dimension,


• Respect the cultural life of the applicants and the world of meaning,


• Their graduation as  social workers, away from prejudices and ideological obsessions, are the main objectives of this program.


Employment Opportunities of graduates from the program

Students who graduate from the program will meet the needs of qualified, equipped and knowledgeable intermediate personnel in social work practices carried out in our country. Graduates will be able to perform social work practices in social work practices, integrate the necessary knowledge, values ​​and skills for social services in the public sector, private sector and non-governmental organizations.


Our graduates will help them to reduce the workload of professional professionals who follow the developments in the world by taking into consideration the needs of the country, conducting scientific studies on social work issues and having an effective role in the production of knowledge in this field and helping them to carry out more effective and efficient work. Graduates of the program will have the opportunity to take part in the solution of the problems of individual, family and society and in the efforts to eliminate the inequalities of opportunity and income inequality in today's societies.


Title of the graduates of the program:


The graduates of the program are expected to receive the title of ın Social Work Staff Program.


Places where graduates of the program will be employed:


• Ministry of Family and Social Policies


• Ministry of Justice


• Ministry of Health


• Directorate of Civil Defense Search and Rescue,


• State Hospitals


• Training and Research Hospitals,


• General Directorate of Security,




• Directorate of Hospice Organization,


• Special Provincial Administrations,


• Municipalities,


• Universities,




• Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorates,


• The institutions and organizations such as the General Directorate of Higher Education Credit and Dormitories Institution are the provincial organizations of these institutions and organizations and the need for social workers is increasing.


• Hospital, private care centers, nursery, nursing home, clinics etc. organizations are. In addition, special services can be provided.