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There is a Banking and Insurance Program in the Banking and Insurance Department.

The Banking and Insurance Program aims to train qualified and equipped intermediate personnel to meet the needs of the sector.

Within the framework of the program,  members  equipped with professional knowledge and experience are trained in the banking and insurance sectors that are integrated into the global system. Students are provided with a  6-week work experience internship at the end of the first year.

The aim of the program is to educate intermediate staff  who have mastered in  basic banking and finance subjects, general economics and business issues for Banking and Finance institutions operating in our country.

Graduates can work in public or private banks and insurance companies and continue their undergraduate education with a vertical transfer.

Areas where they can continue with vertical transition;

Actuarial, Banking,

Banking and Finance,

Banking and Funding,

Economics, Economics and Finance,



Logistics Management,

Capital market,


Insurance and Risk Management,

International Finance,

International Business and International Business Departments