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There is a Child Development Program in the Department of Child Care and Youth Services.

The Child Development Program is a two-year, four-semester associate degree program.

 Graduates of this program with sufficient knowledge and skills meet the needs of public and private sectors in pre-school education institutions, mainstreaming  schools and special education institutions.

The most important aim of the Child Development Program : The aim of this course is to provide a training service that is appropriate to the requirements of the information age and business life and to provide life skills through contemporary teaching methods.

In this direction, the students who use the equipment, research, the country and the profession that desire to contribute to the development, following the developments in the field of self-renewing, original ideas and individuals who want to grow up as a solution is desired.

For students to apply and research;

Child development and pre-school education,

Development and education of children in need of special education,

Risk group and development of patient children,

Artistic and creative activities,

Educational material development,

Education is given on topics such as drama.

Students who graduated from the Child Development Program;

Preschool Educator in Nursery and Day Care Centers

Preschool Educators

Group Trainer in Private Education Institutions

Student Coaching in Inclusive Schools (Co-Instructor)

MEB and Pre-School Education in Municipalities

Childcare at Home

He can find job opportunities as an assistant educator in Hospital Schools.

During the 2-year education period, our students will be able to read the children's reading day, 23 April, spring festivals, birthdays, year-end events, year-round events and birthdays.

Drama Groups

Children's Theaters

Animation Shows (Clown, Costumes and Masks)

Children's choirs


They can also take part in social activities such as Art Activities (Painting, Music Sculpture Works).