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Computer Programming Department has Computer Programming Program.

Purpose of the Program

In every field of business, including computer systems; know the basic functions of computers, computer electronics, hardware and low-level programming skills, computer operating systems, file management and editing programs that can use the general-purpose package programs that can use the Internet-enabled web page design, database programming languages The aim of this course is to train technicians who have knowledge at least one of the current programming languages ​​and who can use at least one of the computer aided design programs.

Mission of the Program

To develop computer technicians who can think scientifically and creatively and who will be successful and beneficial to their country. In order to realize this mission, it is to keep the program constantly up-to-date and try to raise it to international standards by taking into consideration the needs of rapidly changing and developing computer world.

Vision of the Program

As the importance of computer systems in business and everyday life increases, the position of computer programming between technical programs in our country and all over the world is strengthening and its importance is increasing rapidly.

In today's world of technology where muscle strength has lost its importance day by day, everything is done in a very short time and in a much more practical way, the need for computer technicians in both governmental and private sector is increasing.

When we look at the acceleration of technological development and change in our country and in our world, it is undisputed that the future work areas of computer programming will be very wide and it is much more obvious than other technical programs.